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Thread: I love EJ and Sami together

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    Re: I love EJ and Sami together

    Since when is a rapist paired with ANYONE a good idea?
    JS and AS have amazing chemistry something that isn't found between just any two actors.
    Ej and Sami are two sides of the same coin. They know each other and understand each other. Sami can be herself around EJ, something she can't be when she's with Lucas. When she's with Lucas she's too busy trying to be Carrie.

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    Post Re: I love EJ and Sami together

    I love these 2 actors together...They are great!!!

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    Re: I love EJ and Sami together

    Yep..Lucas wants Sami to be Carrie number two..and that will NEVER happen...I hate this rapist crap...the writers made a SERIOUS mistake with this...Lucas always beleives Mommy,and gives Sami hell constantly..I am sick of it.I LOVE James Scott.and he and Ali burn up the screen with their chemistry.The rapist thing should NEVER be done..remember Jack raped Kayla,,I was furious!!!Then the "greatest: soap couple in the world(not to me) started as a rape..Luke and Laura...I only hope the writers can undo all the awful damage they have done to this great he and Sami are HOT!!!

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    I will jump on the anti-EJ and Sami band wagon. I don't see the chemistry between EJ and Sami. I just don't. Lucas and Sami are hot to say the absolute least.

    I don't see how "Sami can be herself with EJ" when she has been lying too him for months. She may be attracted to him (who wouldn't be attracted to him he is hot). However, she has never loved him. She was only with him because she thought she had lost Lucas. As soon as Lucas was free she dropped EJ like the proverbial hot potato.

    As far as Lucas wanting her to be Carrie . . . he loves her to distraction. He just encourages her to be a better person. No matter who we are with, they should always encourage us to grow and be better people.

    People keep saying that EJ and Sami are so much a like; they are two sides of the same coin. The situation that Lucas is in right now is a move right out of Sami's playbook. How much more like Sami could someone be? Not that this is a necessarily a good thing!

    EJ is just for lack of a better word, icky. I can hardly stand to watch him. Luckily, James is quite hot and that makes it so much easier to watch EJ. The current move to "save" Lucas is just an means to and ends for him. As soon as possible, EJ will revert to his true colors and the creep will come right back out.

    Lucas and Sami have fought too long and hard to be together. I really think Sami has changed for the better. I know, famous last words. Bryan and Allie are wonderful together. In my very humble opinion EJ is just a small diversion from the real story here: Sami and Lucas. They are hot and love each other. I can't wait until EJ is out of the picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Continuity_please View Post
    Regarding those who are outraged that I would suggest that a "rapist and his victim" make a good couple....lets not forget our history. Isn't Sammi drugging Austin and sleeping with him rape as well? Does it somehow not "count" because it is a woman doing it to a man? I dont think so. I think this is just one more way in which Sami and EJ are right for each other...they have the same value system.
    I've read elsewhere that what Sami did doesn't count because she was a teen.
    I'm not sure about that logic, either. I guess when Sami was younger she didn't realize that drugging someone and having sex with them wasn't wrong.
    I agree that Sami and EJ are right for each other because neither one of them are perfect. As Sami has said, they go after what they want and to hell with the body count.

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    Re: I love EJ and Sami together

    I'm still holding out hope that there was a reason we never saw exactly what happened. Everything was just implied.

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    Re: I love EJ and Sami together

    I don't see that Sami and Lucas are madly in love with each other.
    As soon as someone else enters the picture, they easily turn their backs on each other.
    And how often has Lucas demanded that Sami change if she wants to be with him and be a family? Because of that demand Sami tries to turn herself into what Lucas really wants, a Carrie clone.
    Sami has never demanded that EJ change, but he's trying to be what Sami needs. One who will fight FOR her, something Lucas only did when Carrie was out of the picture.
    Heck, Lucas would still be with Carrie if she hadn't cheated on him with his own brother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CardBoardCopy View Post
    I'm still holding out hope that there was a reason we never saw exactly what happened. Everything was just implied.
    I'm gonna have to disagree with this comment. E.J. admitted he raped Sami. Sami never went forward with charging him with it because he saved Lucas. Infact, all of the things E.J. is doing now ( going against his father, admitting that John was alive) is not only to get Sami to fully forgive him for what he did, but he even told her that he didn't want his son to grow up knowing what he did to his mother and not be forgiven for it.


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