Sneak Peeks Week of 12/10

It's a Christmas miracle here in Harmony when the beloved Timmy pays an unexpected visit to Tabitha. How overjoyed she will be! However, will Timmy warner Tabitha to nurture her talents for good and less for evil? If anyone can get through to that old witch it is none other than Timmy. Help her find the magic of Christmas! If only he could stay a little longer.

On the other side of town a similar sick man - minus the magical powers - carries on with his crazed plot; despite Alistair being the one to lock Luis and Pretty up in a room with no way of escaping he continues to taunt the confused Luis for cheating on Fancy. Soon after, Luis realizes that the only way to escape the madman is to do something about it himself. He allows Pretty to take in the tales of his escape plan... and soon the duo is set free! The question remains, however, if they will be able to keep quiet about what went on between the two of them while held hostage? Then, there's always Alistair ready to fire off his big mouth.

Meanwhile, there is more drama to come when Theresa finally tells Little Ethan the truth about his father: Big Ethan, of course, is furious with Theresa's decision to unload such information on the child. Full of self-doubt, Theresa worries as Little Ethan goes into surgery.

In another part of the hospital, Gwen is forced to face the painful truth about Jonathan. Is there any hope to be had? Could Little Ethan prove to be a match allowing everyone to know his birth right.

It's a time of miracles on Passions so don't plan on doing any of your holiday shopping during its viewing time or you'll regret it in the end... it's that good!