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    It's been a long time since I've been here...over 2 years to be exact. And what a lousy 2 years it's been. My SLE has mutated so much over the years thatmy rheumy just kind of shakes her head at me. My SLE has turned into BLE (bolus) then I was dx'd with vasculopathy and now vasculitis! Let me tell you - those leg ulcers are the most painful things! I have one now on my ankle that hurts every time I try to walk! YIKES!
    Anyway -they started me on Cell-Cept - anyone else on this? I really don't like all the possible side effects - like the ones from the prednisone aren't enough! Not to mention I'm still on Plaquinel, Imuran, Colchicine (those are just my lupus drugs)...I'm a regular walking CVS!
    Anyway - I'm looking to catch up with some of my old lupie ladies from the past - anyone still around?

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    Re: It's been a long time.....

    Hi Barb! Wow, BLE? This is a new one for me. My memory is shot... how long have you been dealing with the wolf? It kind of scares me whenever I do the math and realize how long my body has been out of control.

    No Cell Cept yet, though the option has been suggested. No prednisone for me either. Just Plaquenil, Neurontin and a car load of pain stuff. It's time for something new but I'm hoping to delay til spring.

    I need to email all the Lupies and let them know where we are. I've been so tied up with the software for these boards that I've been very neglectful about the old ones. If you see anyone around, let me know. It's so good to see you!
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