Hi, I haven't watched Passions consistently in over 2 years. That's mainly because I've done without cable for that long.

I mostly read the Dustin's thoughts. I can see that they completely ruined Chad and turned him into a sick pervert. I mean, chasing after Whitney while"knowing" she was his half sister, just to cheat on her after the truth came out. On top of that it was his own nephew?

They took that incest storyline to another level when Vincent and Valerie were one in the same, meaning he also slept with his own father!

Is male pregnancy possible?? I know it's a stupid question but that is the most bizzarre storyline I've ever heard. I know Passions or any soap for that matter should never be taken seriously.

When I first saw Passions, I liked Chad and Whitney until they started the whole incest storyline. With Passions, they sure go there and stay there. JER is sick.

For a while I liked Evil Sheridan, since she was always the damzel in distress and it got irritating but they're taken it too far already.

I first Passions when Antonio and Sheridan came back from St. Lisa's. ShUis were my favorite couple but it seems to me that Sheridan is beyond redemption at this point.

I also stopped watching because the writers still don't give the audience what they want. When they do, it've very short lived.

I'm sorry to rant, but I'm pretty dissappointed since I enjoyed Passions back in the old days. The book "Hidden Passions" is now irrelevant.

Do any of you feel this way?