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Thread: Its Snowing, Its Snowing!!!

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    Post Its Snowing, Its Snowing!!!

    Its snowing.....

    Somewhere but not here. LOL... Oh well, we can't even get any much needed rain.
    So come on ladies, tell me all about your snow. Have you made any snowmen or snow angels? Or are you just staying in where its warm?

    54degrees here and a chance of rain, we'll see if it makes it over the mountain.

    Christmas just 23 days away, are you ready? I'm almost ready.

    BTW, good to see PP back in here.

    Hope you all are well and staying warm,
    Have a great day!

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    Re: Its Snowing, Its Snowing!!!

    Warm and dry as long as I don't look out. LOL! We are having rain by the bucket load and some nasty wind storms. Our electricity has been flickering the last few days, but so far no big power outages. We sure are enjoying having a fire though.

    Our tree is up and we are just cringing, waiting for Christmas. Our daughter got a divorce (that part is great), but the grand kids are really acting out. They are blaming there mom for the whole thing. Anyway she is bringing them over here for Christmas eve (dad has them Christmas day). I sure hope the little angles *rolls eyes* can try to capture some of the Christmas good cheer. *deep sigh*

    We had a little snow the other day. It was like a blizzard for about 30 minutes, but it has all melted away. It was sure pretty for awhile though.

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    Re: Its Snowing, Its Snowing!!!

    I was all excited there for a minute! Lol! No snow here in England but it is cold and VERY stormy. Glad we are not on the boat THIS week! Sorry to hear about the family troubles - hopefully the 'spirit of christmas' will help. How old are the 'Angels'?
    Liz x


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