Lynda Hirsch Spoilers for Week 12/3

PASSIONS: Gwen refuses to tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his son and a possible liver match for Jonathan she's willing to sacrifice Jonathan in order to keep the secret and not lose Ethan to Theresa. Luis begins to realize that Pretty might be more complicit in Alistair's twisted plot than he originally suspected. Still trapped in the warehouse basement, a hesitant Luis is slowly drawn in by Pretty's advances. Luis is affected when he learns that Pretty is a virgin. Julian checks Eve into rehab. Vincent realizes the only way to protect his identity, and his baby, is to kill his mother. Tabitha is irritated by the idea of Christmas she hates the holiday and misses Timmy and Endora. She remembers past Christmases with Norma coming to kill her and the crazy antics that always followed. She's relieved that at least she won't have to deal with that this year, but she's soon surprised when she stumbles on Norma and Edna at their new jobs as Santa and his elf. Tabitha's mood turns, as she sees this as a good opportunity to stir up some evil.

SNEAK PEEK: Timmy visits Tabatha.