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Thread: Children say the funniest things.

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    Children say the funniest things.

    Have you noticed how incredibly unique childrens’ amusing comments can be? They certainly do seem to be in a world of their own sometimes. Indeed, the totally honest and innocent way in which they view life gives them a blank canvass to work from.
    They can say anything they want to – and often do! I had a reply from a bald man who was refreshing himself at a public fountain, when a little girl came up to him and said, ‘What are you doing?’ To which he replied,’ I’m washing my face’. The little girl stared at the bald man a moment, then, in an inquisitive voice said, ‘but how do you know where your face ends?’
    I feel that childrens amusing comments are worth preserving and sharing. To that end I am gathering material for a website displaying such comments and invite you all to join in. So, if your child has made a remark you feel others would enjoy reading then please forward it to me.
    Thank you and carry on laughing. I’ll post an update soon.

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    Post Re: Children say the funniest things.

    I don't have anything personally to add. But I saw this post and remembered this YouTube video that I saw. It has the cutest kids saying the silliest things about dirt. The video was posted by my favorite laundry detergent, Pure Essentials. I hope Sam gets some of the white lilac stuff that I use--poor kid!


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