Soapdom's Sneak Peeks for week of 12/3

Gwen is living in denial. Luis and Pretty get closer. Someone gets checked into rehab... no, no, no!

Gwen, understandably so, is totally out of touch with reality due to the odds stacked against her little boy. She thought a donor would be the savior last week, but things did not turn out as planned, and so, now she is racing to locate alternative methods of saving her baby from death. Despite everyone’s support, Gwen refuses to believe that her son could die. Little does she know that Theresa will make the ultimate sacrifice by having doctors test Little Ethan without Ethan knowing in the hopes that she can lend a hand in Gwen’s despair. Will God send her a miracle or has fate already determined following events? At this time, all one can do is hope and pray.

The odd love affair between Luis and Pretty continues much to Sheridan’s dismay. Pretty moves forward and kisses Luis and rather than back away from the display of affection, the two continue to bond.

Given her erratic behavior and craving for the bottle, Julian is left with no choice but to check Eve into rehab. The lady may soon come to consider herself lucky what with Tabitha on the prowl, making potions that will cause immediate pain to all. Not only does the witch’s magic bowl predict death is coming for Pilar and Theresa, but another unharmonious spell will be ready for release closer to Christmas!

If life doesn’t hand you enough troubles, simply head to Harmony and seek out Tabitha as she will be more than happy to make your bad day even more horrific! Check out Passions all this week!