From the new SOD, SOW, others...12/11/07

Posted by crissydoll at CR old board on 11/29/2007:

Pilar’s sister is murdered!
Pilar’s bad luck continues this week when her sister is murdered in Mexico. Tabitha, who is desperately trying to bring Endora home by performing evil, invites Death to Harmony to pay the Dark Side’s ransom. Death then turns its sights on Pilar and Theresa. Kay tries to stop it, but then Pilar gets tragic news about her sister. She concludes that is was the work of Juanita, her former friend who’s sworn revenge on Pilar for having her family killed. Pilar realizes that Juanita truly means business. “It confirms her fear that this woman, Juanita, is capable of horrific things,” sighs Tamargo.

VCR Alerts:
10/10-Timmy pays a visit to Tabitha. Theresa finally tells Little Ethan the truth about Ethan.
10/11-Luis reveals his escape plan to Pretty.

Luis gets Pretty pregnant. A desperate Luis and Pretty succumb to Alistair’s demands this week, and make love to buy their freedom. But not before Fancy and Sheridan get an eyeful. “Compared to giving up his life altogether for Marty like he had planned, having sex with Pretty isn’t so bad,” cracks Galen Gering. After much back-and-forth with Pretty, “Luis finally concludes, “Well, I might as well just do it and get it over with.’ Pretty agrees and is like, ‘Okay, how are we going to do this?’ Then she reveals to Luis that she’s never done this before,” winces Gering. Yup! Pretty is a virgin. “Luis totally freaks out,” declares Gering. “He says, ‘No way. I can’t do this. It’s completely wrong.’
Unbeknownst to Luis and Pretty, they’re “playing” to an audience. “Alistair transmits the whole thing to Fancy’s PDA, and Sheridan and Fancy see it. Then they miraculously appear in the dungeon, and Luis has to explain his way out of this one. Oh, my god, it’s brutal,” cringes Gering. Especially considering that Pretty is developing feelings for Luis. “He’s involved with Fancy, but now he’s got both her aunt and her sister in the mix,” reminds Gering. “Fancy accuses him or working his way through their family. She’s like, ’Do you want Ivy’s number next!?” Fancy may hang up on Luis for good once she learns that Luis and Pretty’s encounter will bear some Crane fruit. Talk about a first response.

Sneak Peeks (week of 12/3)
Gwen searches for alternative methods of saving her baby.
Tabitha’s magic bowl predicts death for two Harmony residents.
Julian checks Eve into rehab.
Tabitha plots mayhem for the Harmony Christias celebration.

Week of 12/10
Theresa tells Little Ethan the truth about his father.
Timmy pays a visit to Tabitha.
Noah gives Paloma a holiday treat.
Sheridan theatens Spike.

Others (week of 12/10).
Luis and Pretty are free of Alistair.

12/11-Ethan is appalled at Theresa’s behavior.
12/12-Little Ethan goes into surgery.