I told a friend about this and it occurs to me that I should pass it on.

If you have phone chargers and other gizmos with LEDs that shine all night and sometimes making sleep difficult -- 0r maybe looking like there's a T-800 lurking in the corner of your room when you wake -- here's a tip. Use a black Sharpie to color over the lens of the LED.

It doesn't actually completely darken the LED to the point that you can't see it at all, but it does dim it down considerably.

If one coat of Sharpie doesn't dim it enough, put on an even coat and let it set for a few hours then gently apply a second coat. Don't rub when you apply the second coat or you'll just wipe off the first coat.

For flat LED displays that you don't want to mark up with a Sharpie, cut a piece of the adhesive part of a Post-It just big enough to cover the LED display. They dim the display while you need it, and then they are removable without a trace when/if you don't need it any more. You can layer the Post-It's or color them with Sharpie to make them darker, if/as needed.

Hope this is helpful!