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Thread: So what's so cool about your smartphone?

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    So what's so cool about your smartphone?

    I think a lot of ladies these days have smartphone (even if not all of them are savvy enough) I would like to learn what's your favorite thing about your model - sensitive, touch screen, cool apps...

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    Re: So what's so cool about your smartphone?

    I'm a Samsung user and I'm addicted to its camera's "beauty face" option, I love how it removes wrinkles in my face lol

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    Re: So what's so cool about your smartphone?

    I have become an LG fan.

    Actually, I have been since flip-phone days. The best of those that I had were LG's. Same with smartphones: I've only had Android's, but have tried a few brands. The first, and so far only one that I have been actually happy with for years is my LG G3. It's been 3 years now and it still out performs most, and the interface is essentially base Android with just a few hardware specific tweaks. (Verizon screws it up with bloat, more than LG does -- and fortunately the VZ bloat is mostly disabled.)

    I get calls to help people set up their Samsungs because the interface is so "special", or because it changed from the last one that they had -- or worse; it changed because of an update! I won't be going there for me. (I have family that loves​ their Samsungs. Even after going through recall bummers.)


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