The good news is, the pharma industry is paying serious attention to Lupus.

In a press release last week, Anthera Pharmaceuticals announced that will be holding a symposium for its investors, titled "Right Patient, Right Therapy," specifically about SLE Lupus.

(I'm hoping that the concept "right patient - right therapy" is not a new idea! LOL)

They say:
"Right Patient, Right Therapy" will bring together several immunology experts, including Dr. David Wofsy, Dr. Joan Merrill, and Dr.Vibeke Strand, to provide their perspectives on recent developments in the treatment of SLE and BAFF inhibition.
"The wealth of new information released over the past year regarding the treatment of SLE and BAFF inhibition provides an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate how we think about SLE, from optimal trial design to improving patient selection," said Dr. Colin Hislop, Anthera's Chief Medical Officer. "We look forward to having top experts in the field give us their views on what recent developments mean for patients with lupus."
I guess that their goal is to inform their investors what they are up to in Lupus research, but the good news in this for us is -- they actually have something to talk about in their Lupus programs!