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Thread: What is in a name?

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    Well, for Westerners to teach in a middle eastern country, one better sure understand that what's OK at home might not be OK elsewhere. Cultures, taboos, etc. This is not to say that I agree at all as to what's happened with this woman. It's ridiculous. She meant no insult as some have said and as she was charged.

    But, this reinforces the difficulty that western culture has with undertstanding some fundamantalist Islamic sects. I don't understand it all either, but neither do I understand certain (few, thank God, but there are some) Christian orientated groups who call for shunning church or family members who go against the church (with questioning or in actions not deemed by the church) or those who do not follow strict church doctrines.

    As to Westerners who want to teach children in areas like Sudan, etc., some of these Islamic states are unforgiving in their educational doctrines. Another case in point, our US good buddies, Saudi Arabia, where the majority of out-of-state fighters (not from Iran) have come from to Iraq, from the Madrassa schools that in Saudi Arabia continue to thrive teaching hatred of the west.......SA gets a pass, cause they head OPEC along with others.

    SA is one of the worst offenders of women's rights in the world.

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    I think people who go off to teach or prosetylize in violent parts of the world ought to be prepared for that violence reaching out to them. It goes with the territory.


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