Lynda Hirsch Spoilers for Week of 11/26

PASSIONS: Juanita resolves to kill Pilar and her entire family. Pretty is angry when Alistair shuts off the brain implant in Fancy. He reveals his plan to ruin Luis' reputation so that both Fancy and Sheridan will dump him. Luis is stunned to find a shaken and battered Pretty trapped in a warehouse basement with him. Alistair tells them that their only opportunity to leave will be if Luis gets Pretty pregnant. Tension mounts at the hospital, as Gwen learns that Jane has an ear infection and cannot be Jonathan's liver donor. Theresa tells Ethan that they need to test Little Ethan's compatibility. An anguished Eve is shocked when Valerie brings Julian to the house and breaks the "wonderful" news to him that she is pregnant. Eve is shaken she wants Valerie to be honest with Julian and tell him that she and Vincent are one and the same. Valerie starts to lose hold of her, and Vincent's voice slips out just as Julian enters the room.

SNEAK PEEK: Eve stuns Julian.