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    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    My family is coming here this year. Turkey with all the trimmings. My dil is helping so I won't be doing all the cooking.

    Hope everyone has a great day and if you're traveling please be careful on the roads. I see some have snow in your area. We're suppose to get rain. We need it so much. Our lake levels are way down.
    Leaves still falling off the trees. The red maples are so pretty this year.

    We're having turkey, of course, a small ham, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, mac/cheese, cranberry sause, dressing, gravy and rolls. Desserts....cholcolate pie, sweet potato pie, peach cobbler.
    Way too much food.

    Whats on your table for Thanksgiving?
    Have a great day!

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    Post Re: Hi All..

    Hi CJ.....Happy Thanksgiving back at you! We're having company over this year also, and I'm still trying to figure out how I got stuck with it. Ah well, I'll just keep a bottle of wine handy to sip out of and I'll get through it. Your dinner sounds yummy. We're having some similar things plus some of our fav family dishes: Along with the typical turkey fixings we also have sweet potato casserole, scalloped corn, a heavenly salad daughter makes, califlower & broccoli in shrimp sauce (my personal fav) and the typical pies. We always make way too much food, which is fine with me 'cause than we can eat leftovers for days afterwards.

    How great to still have colored leaves on your trees. We don't, although the pine trees are still green of course. (duh!) but, since I don't like pines, I don't care about them.

    Hope you and everyone else on the board have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Too bad Liz doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving in England, because I'd love to hear what her menu would be like.

    Ta ta! TT

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    Red face Re: Hi All..

    I hope all of my American friends had a wonderful, peaceful Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving was back at the beginning of October. Are you all up to your eyeballs in shopping today? I couldn't believe that some of your stores were opening at 4:00 a.m. for shopping!! How bizarre is that?? You must be able to get some screaming deals and just in time for Christmas shopping too. I know my daughters mother-in-law and friends were heading south of the boarder shopping, it is especially nice with our dollar valued higher than it has been in absolutely years.

    Anybody got a good headstart on Christmas shopping yet? I have a few things but hubby was on strike and his pay won't be back to normal until at least January 1st, 2008 because of a shortage of money, so shopping was curtailed. I must get on the ball somehow and get things going... Christmas is literally just a bit more than a month away. How about decorating your house, anybody got their house done yet? We usually do ours early in December and have our grandkids over to help, they are 2 and 4 and SUCH a big help.. lol.. but it is much more fun with them here.

    Anyway, hope this finds you all well and not too stuffed with turkey.
    Take care,

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    Re: Hi All..

    I went shopping years ago but not anymore. I stood in line I think 5am at ToysrUs for a holiday barbie. That was my last time going on Black Friday. I don't like standing in line on normal days. Besides I have most of my Christmas gifts bought already. I actually started after Haloween. This is a first for me.

    I have to watch my spending for the next two months because taxes due soon. l

    I do have my christmas village up and a small white tree inside and I'm going to put a small green one on the deck.
    I wasn't going to put them out yet, but the dil and grandkids did it for us yesterday. I hope they'll be the ones to put all that stuff up. Thats what I hate doing!!!
    Am I lazy or what???? LOL

    Behave! CJ
    Have a great day!

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    Re: Hi All..

    Ate wayyyyyy to much. Isn't Thanksgiving fun. Hubby calls it 'Turkey Day'.

    We usually go out shopping to get 'in the mood', but this year I think we are going to a Christmas bazzar. They call it 'The Victorian Country Christmas'. We went a couple of years ago and it was really festive.

    You are right about it being so bizar to open the store doors so early. There was one store down here that opened at 12:01 (midnight). Now that takes dedication.

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    Re: Hi All..

    Because I have spent a little bit of time in America we usually do have a sort of Thanksgiving meal (though I'm never sure exactly when it should be!) I usually stivk to traditional turkey with all the trimmings - sweet potatoes - corn bread - and pumpkin pie and/or soup! Just like you guys!
    Liz x

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    Re: Hi All..

    Pumpkin pie and turkey are a must. I think that Thanksgiving is about my most favorite holliday. You cook ALL day, but the next 2 days are just wonderful with all the leftovers. My daughter was raving about my gravy this year and wanted to know my 'secret' to the great gravy. I sheepishly told her about my 'Frankenstine' gravy. She was grinning from ear to ear saying "Aw, the secret ingredient." LOL!

    Turkey drippings
    Chicken broth
    3 or 4 packages of store bought turkey gravy.


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