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Thread: Another puke fest over the EJ/SAMI coupling!!

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    Re: Another puke fest over the EJ/SAMI coupling!!

    I posted too soon but my friends thought the ferret being a better model comment was pretty funny.

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    Re: Another puke fest over the EJ/SAMI coupling!!

    Sami and Lucas started out as friends. They used each other in the begining to get Carrie and Austin. When their efforts became futile, they leaned on each other and as a result, Will came along. Things became worse when Lucas found out that Will was his son and that Sami lied about it. Yea, she didn't know Will was really Lucas' in the begining but when she found out, she still kept it from him. That's when bad got to worse. I really don't think anyone knows Sami like Lucas does. And vice versa. Somehow they still manage to surprise each other. I believe Sami really loves Lucas. It took them a long time to become a family. All of this crap with E.J. has me fuming. The only thing I like about E.J. these days is, he's finally standing up to Stefano!!

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    Re: Another puke fest over the EJ/SAMI coupling!!

    I am a big fan of Steve&kayla not of Sami and Lucas ever.I use to watch Sami way back in the 80s,Now she seems to be the character to save the show and the storyline give me a break,its the same old Sami and now there going to pear her with EJ,when is this going to stop.

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    Post Re: Another puke fest over the EJ/SAMI coupling!!

    Quote Originally Posted by D00L1Fan View Post
    I know this is just my opinion but I can't stand EJ let alone him with Sami! I really hate that DAYS isn't going back to the old formula of writing by keeping couples who should be together, with each other. The best thing that could have happened ( as far as I am concerned) is them killing off EJ. Better yet, keep EJ paralyzed and bring back his nutty mama Susan to take care of him and drive him crazy! ( Yes, I would derive sick pleasure from that)

    The Brady/DiMera fued is more than over cooked, it's time to move on and find another drama. Bring on another family who hates the Dimeras. A family with more backbone than the Bradys who wouldn't a lifelong nemesis step foot in a family establishment without feeling the rath of such disrespect.

    John has a company being run by a moron who has nothing better to do but meddle in her kids lives. Where's Victor? For Gawds sake bring back Victor! Not only is his SON considered a Brady, I would think the writers would have Victor doing more to protect his SON ( a real Kiriakis) from the demented DiMeras! You mean to tell me, Victor, who had a rivals house blown up is hiding in the shadows from Stephano? Letting his sons family be picked off one by one with no recourse?

    Even if Victor didn't give a damn about the rest of the Bradys, the OLD Victor would do everything to protect what his SON loves. Damn DAYS writers!!
    I could not agree with you more. I hate EJ and Sami together. I don't even like EJ much. Sami belongs with Lucas.

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    Re: Another puke fest over the EJ/SAMI coupling!!

    I Could Have Said The Same About Lucas And Sami A Long Time Ago But I Like Them Together And I Believe That Lucas Has Wised Up To His Mother's Tactics As Far As Sami Is Concerned , I Mean He Changed His Last Name To Prove To Kate That The Was The Last Straw And Also Told Kate That As Far As He Was Concerned Those Twins Have Only One Grandmother And Its Marlena. I Loved When He Threw That In Her Face! Classic


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