Sheridan is looking out the window when Luis returns with a shopping bag. Sheridan asks what he is up to. Luis picks up her tea set and places it on the coffee table saying that they are going to have a tea party. He says that every little girl should have tea parties. His sisters loved them and he should know since he was always a guest at theirs. Sheridan tells him that he is so sweet. He pours some lemonade into the little tea cups and hands one to Sheridan. He lifts his cup to her in a toast saying, “Cheers, my Lady” in his best English accent. (Galen did a great job on that one) Luis tells Sheridan that she will never be alone or lonely again. He will always be there with her. Sheridan looks at him with such love in her teary eyes.

Luis reaches into the bag again and pulls out a big pink floppy hat with a big flowers in the front middle to hold back the brim. He says that Theresa and Whitney always wore hats like this when they had tea parties. He places it on her head. Sheridan says that she didn’t know that men like him existed and that he is wonderful! Luis says, “As long as you are happy.” Sheridan says that she has never been so happy in her entire life. Thank you!

They lean over the table and share a sweet kiss. Luis wishes that he had known her as a little girl because he would have made her smile all the time.

Sheridan tells him that she knows he would have but he knows her now and that is all that matters. Luis again tells her that she will never be alone again. They hold hands across the table.

Shuis stand and begin kissing again just as Eve walks into the solarium. Eve tells them that she wanted to see how Sheridan is feeling. Sheridan says that she has never felt better but Luis says that she is still recuperating. Luis decides to give them some time alone so he tells Sheridan that he will go to get them a grown up drink. He kisses her and exits the solarium. Eve hopes that Sheridan doesn’t mind but she likes to check on her patients, all the while she is checking Sheridan’s pulse. Sheridan says that she doesn’t mind. She is in love and Luis loves her back. She has finally found the love that she has searched for all of her life.
Sheridan says that she will never be able to thank Eve enough for everything that she did for her with the hypnosis and over coming her fear of having killed Luis’ father. Eve asks if Shuis’ has a love strong enough to withstand anything. Sheridan says that they are madly in love with each other. She knows that Eve wants her to wait until she is stronger to make love to Luis but Sheridan says that she has never felt stronger than she does now. She never thought that she would have this kind of love in her life but now that she does, her whole world has changed because of it. Luis returns with the champagne. As soon as he hands Sheridan her glass, his cell phone rings. He answers it. The man asks if it is Luis and he says that it is but who is this? Alistair tells Luis that it is a friend who has something that he wants Luis to hear. The tape recorder with the tape of Sheridan’s hypnosis session is sitting beside the phone on Al’s desk.

To be continued………..