In Sheridan’s hospital room, Shuis are kissing as Eve stops in to check on Sheridan. She asks what her family thought of her being alive. Sheridan says that she hasn’t called them yet and if it is all right, she wants to wait a while before letting any of them know except Ethan because she only wants to be with Luis for the time being. Eve says that it is up to her. Eve asks Luis to step outside because she needs to examine Sheridan. Luis holds Sheridan’s hand and is reluctant to let her out of his sight but Eve coaxes him into leaving for just a few minutes. As he walks out into the hall, Eve tells Sheridan that she can see that Sheridan already has the best medicine she could possibly have……Luis’ love. Sheridan has the biggest smile on her face as she tells Eve that she is weak but she has never been happier in her whole life.

Luis returns and asks Eve how Sheridan is doing. Eve says that Sheridan is in remarkable shape for her ordeal. Sheridan asks when she can go home. Eve tells her that she wants to keep her in the hospital for a little while longer. Eve leaves and Luis sits on the side of the bed. Sheridan asks him if he thinks that she is selfish to not let her family know that she is out of her coma. He says that he doesn’t think so and if he had his way, he would never share her with anyone again. How sweet of him!

Luis gets into bed with Sheridan as she tells him what it was like in that coffin and how she kept slipping in and out of consciousness.

The only thing that kept her sane is hearing his voice. She would imagine what he would say to her. He asked what he said to her. Sheridan says that he said things that she wanted to hear and looks down, a little shy. Luis asks her if he told her that he loved her and she says that yes he did. He says that is good because he was so afraid that he would never get to tell her how much he loves her and now he can’t stop saying it.

Luis sits up a little and looks into Sheridan’s eyes and says, “I love you. I love you. I love YOU!”

They share the sweetest kisses….again!

To be continued……….