At the cemetery, Luis has Sheridan cradled in his arms. He keeps willing Sheridan to be alive telling her that she can’t leave him. Please don’t leave him. Luis tells Sheridan that he had so many plans for them. He says that if he had only had the courage to tell her the truth maybe she would have trusted him enough to tell him about the plan and she would still be with him. Seeing Luis with Sheridan, Ethan tells Gwen that he never realized how much Luis loved Sheridan.

In Heaven, Sheridan stops Katherine again and says that she wants to be with Luis. She can’t leave him because she can see that he is in so much pain. Her mother says that it is time to go and there isn’t anything that she can do.

At the cemetery, Hank blames himself for Sheridan’s death. Sam tells him that it isn’t his fault and that Sheridan had agreed to the plan as well as Eve and the FBI. Finally, Sam asks why Roger and Pierre would come to Hank in the first place to murder Sheridan. Hank tells Sam that he is one of them. They had things on him to hold over him that they could threaten him with. Sam cannot believe this and argues with Hank about him being as irresponsible as always and not thinking about anyone but himself.

Theresa goes to Luis to try to comfort him. Theresa says that she can’t stand seeing him like this. Ethan tells Theresa that he wants to tell her his decision but he wants her to know that his feelings for Luis have changed. He tells Theresa that Luis risked his life to save his (Ethan’s) and Ethan says he will never forget that. Theresa tells Ethan that she is glad that he has seen the real Luis. Ivy calls and Ethan leaves to talk to her. After talking briefly with Whitney, Theresa again approaches Luis and tells him not to torture himself. Luis says that he still cannot accept that Sheridan is dead. Luis then tells Theresa that love is so precious and rare that you have to hold on to it when you find it. He tells her that he doesn’t know who he was to tell her that she couldn’t love Ethan. He asks her if she really loves Ethan. She tells him that she does. He wants to know what will happen if Ethan chooses Gwen. Theresa says she would want to die.

Luis tells Theresa that he wants to spend a minute alone with Sheridan so Theresa gives him a kiss and walks back to talk with Whitney. Up in Heaven, Sheridan sees Luis and she stops walking. Sheridan says that it is Christmas, can’t they have a miracle? Sheridan turns her eyes upward and pleads to help her and Luis……to grant her a miracle.

Eve asks Luis to allow them to take Sheridan to the morgue. As Luis is moving Sheridan in a different position so he can lay her down, it sounds like she coughs. Every turns to see what is happening.

Luis looks surprised and asks if anyone else heard that and what that was. Eve says she doesn’t know when TC asks if it could be a natural reflex. Luis asks Eve to check Sheridan out to see if she is breathing. Eve gets her stethoscope and confirms that Sheridan is breathing, very shallow. Luis is thrilled! He hugs Sheridan, kisses her forehead and tells her that she has come back to him.

He gets to his feet, picks Sheridan up in his arms, and carries her to the car to take her to the hospital.

To be continued………..

Thanks to Passions Central for the screen caps of Shuis and company.