Sheridan, dressed in the long white flowing robes and looking very angelic, continues to walk into the bright light. She sees her mother waiting for her with open arms. Sheridan is so happy to see her mother. Katherine tells Sheridan that she is going to wait here with her. Sheridan thought that she had been called “home” to be with her mother. Katherine tells her that it is not time for her to “come home” just yet. There is still much love for her on earth and that is keeping her bound to the earth. Katherine tells Sheridan that Ethan misses her and wants her back. Sheridan feels bad that Katherine didn’t get to see her grandson grow up into such a fine young man. Katherine tells Sheridan that she has watched him grow from up here. There are things about him that Sheridan doesn’t know and that even Ethan himself doesn’t know. He is going to need Sheridan. Sheridan wants to know what that could be but her mother tells her that this isn’t the time to talk about that. Sheridan says she is ready to go with her mother but Katherine tells her that there is still much love for her on earth and it is holding her there. Katherine tells Sheridan that there is a man, Luis who loves her with his whole heart and he hasn’t accepted her death yet, and until he does, her soul will be bound to the earth. Sheridan wonders what must have gone wrong with the plan. Katherine tells Sheridan that Luis’ love is very strong but her body is in danger. She has very little time left and her life is now in Luis’ hands. Katherine tells Sheridan that a powerful struggle is going on right now on earth…… and Sheridan’s life is in the balance. Katherine turns Sheridan around and shows her what is going on now on earth.

In the water next to the boat, Eve is sinking to the bottom of the ocean. TC jumped in and is swimming down to help Eve. Eve looks dead but TC manages to free her from the weights on her ankles and swim with her back to the surface. Aboard the boat, the men are still fighting……Ethan and Pierre, Luis and Roger, Sam and the boat captain, while Hank and Hal are handcuffed to the rails. Roger holds a knife to Luis’ throat. He tells Luis that he is about to join Sheridan. Sheridan yells to Luis. She also warns Ethan that there is a man with a gun behind him but Katherine tells her that they cannot hear her. Pierre aims his gun at Ethan and tells him that he is a dead man. Sheridan, watching from Heaven, yells for Luis to save Ethan. Luis hears her and saves Ethan. Sheridan smiles to her mother and says that Luis heard her. Her mother says that the connection between Sheridan and Luis is very strong. Ethan thanks Luis who says he was only doing his job. Sam tries to free Hank and Hal but the key is knocked out of his hand when he is attacked from behind by the boat captain.

Just when it looks like our heroes have the upper hand, and start to cuff Pierre, Roger has Hank with a gun pointed at his head.

He tells Sam to do what he tells him or Hank will die. Hand tells the men to forget about him but that Sher…..of course, Roger knocks Hank out before he can tell Luis about Sheridan being alive. Looking down on the scene from Heaven, Sheridan says she can feel the earth slipping away from her. In the water, TC surfaces with Eve and calls out to Sam to help him. That distracts Roger long enough for Luis and Ethan to start fighting with Roger and Pierre again while Sam jumps into the water to help with Eve. In Heaven, Sheridan asks Katherine why the image of the men is fading now. Katherine tells Sheridan that it is time for them to go. Katherine takes Sheridan by the hand and they walk together toward the light.

Sheridan looks back to earth and the picture of Luis and tells him good bye. On earth, Sam and TC have gotten Eve on the boat.

Sam and TC begin CPR. Hank, who has been knocked out on the floor of the boat, suddenly stands up and tells Luis that Sheridan is alive. Luis looks stunned as he turns to Hank.

The last scene is Sheridan in her coffin. We hear Sheridan say, “I love you, Luis. I love you.” Her hand slips off her chest and is still.

To be continued……….

Thanks to Passions Central for the screen caps of Shuis and company.