Saturday's So Much Sadness SHUIS pictures begin as standing next to Sheridan’s now closed coffin, Hank asks Luis if he is all right. Luis says that he will never be all right again and he doesn’t know why this happened to Sheridan when they were just getting started.

Luis also tells Hank that if it takes him the rest of his life, he will find the person who did this to Sheridan and make him pay. Sam comes to Luis to tell him that Julian wants him gone. He doesn’t want Luis at the burial service. Ethan confronts Sam again about his having let Pierre walk out of the church without being arrested. Sam says they are trying to build a case against him that will hold up in court. Ethan is tired of hearing excuses for his shoddy police work so he is going to make Sam and Luis pay for what has happened with Sheridan. Ivy tells them that they shouldn’t be fighting on the day they are burying Sheridan.

Father O’Hara asks Julian if he and Ethan are going to be pall bearers. Julian is rather shocked and says that the coffin looks awfully heavy. He looks around and says all right. Father says they will need help. Luis volunteers himself and Hank to help. Ethan says that he will not allow Luis to help but Father O’Hara says that is wonderful and a perfect choice. The 4 men lift the coffin and together carry it through the church doors and to the cemetery for the burial service. All the while, Sheridan is silently begging for someone to help her.

At the cemetery, Sheridan is beginning to move in her coffin. Sheridan is now awake in her coffin and says that this is real and not a nightmare. She begins to scream and pound on the coffin for someone to help her.

Ethan and Gwen are standing closest to the coffin and Ethan asks if anyone else heard that sound. No one else did and Ivy says that it is probably only the wind in the trees. The coffin is lowered into the grave. The family, Julian, Ethan and Ivy, are asked to throw a symbolic handful of dirt onto the coffin. The men from the funeral home begin to shovel the dirt into the hole.

Sheridan thinks at first that the sounds are that of someone trying to open the coffin but she soon realizes that the sound she hears is dirt being dropped onto her coffin and that she is being buried alive. She panics and screams and tries pounding on the coffin again.

To be continued………

Thanks to Passions Central for the wonderful screen caps.