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    Thought I'd repost this one and make it easier on your eyes. : )



    Is There Life After Love?

    She sat with hers knees drawn to her chest. Staring out at the ocean. Watching the waves roll and crash against the shore. What would it be like, she wondered. To be carried away on one of those waves. Far away from here. Far away from Harmony.

    She'd lived in this New England town tucked away on the Atlantic coast her whole life. All eleven years of it. With her father. Her mother had left them. When she was just a baby. Barely crawling. If she closed her eyes, she could almost remember her. Almost.

    Dad said she had her mother's eyes. Chocolate brown eyes. Intelligent eyes. Eyes that saw all things. She wished she didn't have her mother's eyes. That way she wouldn't be reminded everyday that love wasn't enough. She wasn't enough to keep her mother in Harmony.

    She played with the straps on her sandals. A smile on her face as she thought about her dad. She WAS enough for him. If there were one thing she knew without a doubt, it was that her dad loved her. Beyond all rhyme or reason. He more than made up for the absence of her mother.

    But still.a girl needed a mom. She loved her dad and all. But.but there were too many 'buts' in her life. Grandma was.well, Grandma. She tried. She really did. But Haley longed for more. She was eleven years old. She was past the dolls and goodnight kisses stage. But oh wouldn't it be wonderful to have the mother that she missed.

    That's why she came up with the plan. By the end of the summer, Haley Lopez- Fitzgerald WOULD have a mom. And Dad.well, that part was a little tricky. But hey! She was nothing if not persistent. Came with the family genes. Speaking of family. "Haley!" She brushed the sand off the bottom of her denim cut-offs with a smile. This was it.

    Where to first? Finding a mom was an awesome task to undertake. 'Cause let's face it, she argued with herself as she wandered down the streets of Harmony beside her dad. Not everyone's perfect mom material. But numero uno on her list of desirable traits in mom candidates was 'make Dad smile again.' She was bound and determined to prove to her father that there was life after love, after all.

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    Re: Is There Life After Love? (Sheridan/Luis, Beth/Luis)

    Chapter 1

    She threw herself on her bed with a gigantic sigh. This was tougher than she'd originally thought. She'd been on the lookout a whole three and a half hours, and she was already discouraged. She pulled her notepad out of her pocket and flipped it open with a giggle. Dad had been sooo curious to find out what she was scribbling in there the entire day. "Nothing Dad" irritated him to no end.

    At the top of the first page was the name Candy. Strike one, she thought. Rolling her eyes. She'd be the laughing stock of the 6th grade. Candy Lopez- Fitzgerald. Nope. She crossed through the name. Too young anyway. And obnoxious. The ditzy blonde had smacked her way through her rather one- sided conversation with her dad at the beach. She'd had the almost uncontrollable urge to reach up and pop one of those humongous pink bubbles Candy kept blowing. Oh, she put a smile on her dad's face alright. But not the kind of smile she, Haley Lopez-Fitzgerald, was looking for. She was eleven. Not stupid.

    She twirled her long brown hair absentmindedly as she read the next name. Lucy. Lucy had seemed nice enough. UNTIL she'd started lecturing her dad on how wrong it was to have sweets before dinner. It was a muffin. One silly muffin. Lucy, it was later revealed, was a bonafide health nut. And strange. Talk about strange. The lady tried to convince them that fruit and veggies had feelings. If she had to hear that 24/7 she'd be scarred for life. She had to fight the urge to keep from bursting into laughter at the look on her dad's face. The smile that said 'this woman is nuts, Haley.quick! Say something!' Her solution: she grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl in front of her and viciously stabbed it with her fork. Her dad was still laughing about that one on the way home from the grocery store.

    Ah, the grocery store. No shortage of single-and not so single-women there. Did they have radars or something? Unattached man at 3 o'clock. Seriously, she mused. Tapping her pencil against her chin thoughtfully. They were all over her dad. She even caught a couple of them following them up and down the aisles. Paula. She loved kids. She'd always wanted siblings. But NOT 4 squalling pre-schoolers at once. Paula was divorced. And had a set of 3 year-old triplet girls and a 5-year-old son. Once or twice, she'd had to duck as the boy launched cans of Campbell's soup at her head. She wanted to live to see her 12th birthday, thank you very much. Dad smiled. But it was through clenched teeth.

    She groaned when she heard a cheery voice ask, "Whatcha doing?" She shut her notepad and shoved it behind her back. Her aunt Theresa had the worst timing. Made sharing a room with her quite an experience. "Oh, nothing," she said slowly. Plastering a fake smile on her face. A real smile soon replaced it when her dad peeked inside the room and said, "I'm leaving it up to you to find out, Sis. She's been scrawling in that little book all day long."

    Ooo," her aunt Theresa giggled. "A secret. Come on, Haley. Tell me. I'm your aunt."

    "Maybe later," she grinned. Snatching the notepad back from Theresa when she grabbed it from behind her back. "You snoop!" she shot over her shoulder as she raced down the hall. "Dad!" she squealed when he tackled her and tickled her senseless. "I am so going to pee on you if you keep doing that," she giggled helplessly.

    "Haley Lopez-Fitzgerald!" her grandma scolded.

    "Aww, Grandma," she pouted. Worked like a charm. And that folks, she thought with a smile, was one of the reasons she needed a mom. She wanted someone that wasn't so easy, she thought. Smirking. And so far...she hadn't found her yet.

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    Chapter 2

    "Does Miguel still live here anymore?" Haley asked. Taking a sip of her milk. She grinned widely when her dad quirked an eyebrow at Grandma and said, "Yeah, Mama. I was wondering about that, too."

    Her aunt Theresa giggled. "Didn't you hear, Haley? Miguel made it official last month. I saw the adoption papers with my very own eyes."

    Grandma just sighed. Her dark eyes shining with amusement. "Yes, Mija. You drink all that," she nodded. At her nearly full glass of milk.

    "Aww, Grandma. Do I have to? Dad!" she whined. Batting her long dark lashes at him and giving him her best pout. Hey. You didn't grow up sharing a room with her aunt Theresa without learning a few tricks. Too bad her dad was on to each and every one of them.

    "Dad!" her dad mocked in a girly voice.

    "Oh, alright," she grumbled. "There. I'm finished," she announced. Pushing her chair back to get up. "Not so fast," she heard her grandma say. And she groaned in frustration. "May I be excused?" she asked politely.

    Her grandma gave her an affectionate pat on the head and smiled. "Yes, you may, Mija."

    "Thanks Grandma. Bye Dad," she said. Giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

    "Whoa! Haley! Where's the fire?"

    She rolled her eyes. "There is NO fire. Dad.I'm a very busy woman." There. That got him, she thought with a smile as he choked on his own tongue.

    "Woman?" she heard him ask in disbelief as she hurried out of the kitchen. She WAS a very busy woman. Well.make that a busy girl. She had a mission to complete. A very important goal. And laziness was not the way to go about it. She was more of a go-getter anyway, she argued. But first she needed a little bit of advice. The only problem, though, was from who? She racked her brain. She had to make sure this plan worked. Aunt Theresa? Um.nah. Really. What kind of experience did she have? That meant Whitney was out of the question. And Kay and Simone and.argh!.get the picture? Who could she talk to, she wondered. As she strolled down the sidewalk. No one came to mind. Sure.she knew plenty of people. But how many of them would actually go along with her matchmaking scheme and not squeal on her? That would be completely mortifying. She looked up. Startled. When she heard a familiar voice speak.

    "Well, hello dear. What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" the elderly woman asked with a strange smile.

    Her smile wasn't the only thing that was strange, Haley thought. Shuddering. Who else carried around a life-sized doll with them everywhere they went? She hoped SHE never met THEM. "Um.hi, Tabitha," she said politely. "Hi Timmy," she waved. At Tabitha's insistence. Please, please don't let anybody walk by and recognize me, she prayed. "I.I really have to go," she stammered.

    "What's the rush?" Tabitha asked nosily. Falling into step beside her. "What's bothering you, dearie? Maybe I can help," she suggested. Smiling at her.

    Haley bit her lip nervously. What could it hurt? She LOOKED harmless enough. And she WAS the oldest person she knew. Lots of experience.

    "Spit it out," Tabitha prodded gently.

    " know what?" she said hurriedly. Changing her mind. "I don't want to bother you. Thanks for trying to help, though. Bye Tabitha," she waved. Scampering off. She looked back in shock when she thought she heard a lisping voice whine, "She didn't say goodbye to Timmy." are SO losing it, girl, she told herself with a shake of her head. Scratch the advice thing. She was going to the park. To do what she did best.people watching.

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    Re: Is There Life After Love? (Sheridan/Luis, Beth/Luis)

    This has cute written all over it, Shae!

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    Shae loved this fanfic. i read all the chapters years ago. love ur fanfics please update the rest. xx


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