It's officially been a month since the show debuted. Here are my thoughts:

As excited as I was for the show to return, I'm finding that I'm not that thrilled anymore. I do enjoy seeing the veteran actors, but I believe for me, that is a case of nostalgia. When you have watched these people everyday for years, they become part of your life and it was devastating to see them go away. So, it's natural to want to see them again. But, I wish it were on TV. I'm not that big on watching things online, I simply get too distracted for some reason. Another thing are the plots. They seem to be lagging and we seem to get the same scenario in each episode. Matthew not being a father to Drew. The sleazy nightclub scene which is going nowhere and even if the power outage was planned, does anyone really care why? Dani and her lust after Matthew and power drinking. I'm just not sure it will succeed at this point. I will continue to watch it, but I do find myself losing interest. I hope it speeds up and gives us some good drama soon. It needs to move a little faster.