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Thread: Hi (sorry, long post)

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    Paulina welcome back. Good to see you posting again. Sounds like you've been very busy with your children and things. So glad to hear your son is doing well and so smart and your daughter too. Nothing wrong with saying they are and being proud! I'm sure once things get settled down and stuff you'll find some time to post occasionally.

    Well I've been busy still working for the hospital. But found out I had Edometrial Cancer and had to have a full hysterectomy so I've been off for 6 weeks. They did a test after wards to make sure that I had not more cancer and I don't so that was the good news. Now I just have to get healed up and back to work. My boys are both grown now and on their own. So facing empty next syndrome right now and learning to get use to it. Well take care.

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    Post Lindsey's pics / new bed

    hopefully this link will work... I wanted to share Lindsey's new bed pics, I guess I'm excited for her to finally sleep in a real bed after being on a mattress on the floor for so long...

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    Post Julie

    Lots of thoughts with you right now. That is a huge surgery to have to go through and heal from, from what my friends that have been through it have told me. I am sending you lots of healthy vibes and warm thoughts. I'm glad they got all of it and that you can concentrate on healing now. Thats good news. As for the empty nest, hopefully there is a lot to look forward to once things calm down for you a bit. I always think that part of life has to be sort of exciting- like a new beginning in a way. Well, at least thats how it seems to me right now, but honestly what do I know.
    I hope things keep getting better for you. I'm happy to be back here.
    I had a cancer scare last spring but the biopsies came back ok they didn't find anything, but I was diagnosed with borderline type II diabetes. I think I'm doing pretty well now, but it would help if I got my butt on the treadmill more often and ate a better diet. Halloween hasn't helped.
    Best wishes to you with everything. I'm going to try to check in more regular. I honestly just don't get on the computer a whole lot anymore with the kids at the ages they are at. But I miss you guys and am happy to hear any news. But I wish things were better for you, hopefully they will get better soon... Lots of hugs.

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    Thanks Pauline. I'm doing fine now it was hard at first when I first came home and was recovering. But now I'm ready to go back to work and get busy again. The hardest part is the going through the menopause and with the history of cancer they can't give me estrogin so I'm taking prozac instead. It hasn't started working yet. Takes time still having hot flashes. But hopefully in time it will get better.

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your daughters new bed she is getting so big and so is your son! Wow! You can tell how truly happy she is to have it!

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    Re: Hi (sorry, long post)

    Oh Paulina..just saw the latest pics of your children and the new bed. Your children are getting so big..and so adorable!


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