Oh where to begin?
This show is all over the place lately.
Poor Nolan.
It's hard to believe that he's this distraught over the loss of a love affair that we never really saw on screen.
However, we are given some hope that the "old reliable Nolan" is still alive and well when he says "Start your revengines".
I'm starting to think that without Nolan, this show would be in the ratings toilet.
The story of Victoria's illegitimate pregnancy at sixteen continues, and I'm still trying to figure out why we should care about it since it happened way before our story began.
Unless her illegitimate son turns out to be some cast member that we already know (please don't let it be Jack, please don't let it be Jack, please don't let it be Jack) I don't see how it could play into the current story going on.
I have no clue who the bitchy girl at the masquerade party was and why she was saying things about FauxAmanda being on drugs.
Again, this show is all over the place, and not making sense at times.
Emily is with Daniel, Emily is with Aiden, Emily is back with Jack.
That crap needs to stop.
And we still have Charlotte and Declan floating around with absolutely no story line of their own.
The writers need to start weaving some of these loose strings together.