Daytime Dial Spoilers for Week 11/12

Monday, November 12
* Tabitha makes Theresa an interesting offer.
* Gwen is horrified by Rebecca's actions.
* Noah and Paloma share a special date at the Blue Note.

Tuesday, November 13
* Theresa accidentally poisons Gwen's tea.
* Frantic Rebecca tries to take back her mistake.
* A mysterious caller has information for Sheridan and Luis.

Wednesday, November 14
* Tabitha continues to spread evil.
* Gwen fights for life.
* Spike and Esme get close.

Thursday, November 15
* Ethan shocked by what Theresa has done.
* The menacing white-haired woman swears her revenge on Pilar.
* Drunken Esme and Julian bond at the Blue Note.