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Thread: Pain in groin area after walking.

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    Unhappy Pain in groin area after walking.

    i'm about 25 weeks pregnant and i like to walk because it's relaxing and pretty easy. i realy only get to walk everyother day (daughter goes to school) but i'm finding that lately when i go for longer walks that i get a pain in my groin area. it's always the same side on the left. does anyone have some suggestions how i can avoid this because i want to stay somewhat in shape. so any suggestions at all i'll take.

    thanks a bunch Mommyto1.5

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    I did have pains on my left side right above my pubic bone while I was pregnant. I also ending up having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions later on, I think it may just be your bodies way of telling you to rest. My baby also had his foot crammed clear down at the opening of my cervix as well so it could have been pain from that. I'm not sure if it is the same area you're feeling pain in, but good luck. I know excercise is good for you and helps provide more oxygen in your blood which is also good for your baby, but if it's too troublesome I would talk to your doctor

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    Re: Pain in groin area after walking.

    thank you it's nice to know that i'm not the only one experiencing this pain. i think i'm going to mention it my doctor on the 15th and see what she says. maybe i should try someother kind of excersice. she might have some ideas.


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