Um...what happening to the Dimeras???
We're running out of them.

Renee dead
Megan dead
Benjy dead
Lexie dying
Tony adopted and dead
Andre Nephew dead
EJ not a Dimera (John and Hopes kid???)
Kristin and Peter Blake adopted and Stefano now doesn't recognize adopted kids apparently.

So that leaves
Chad his son ALIVE YAY... we will see how he comes into the fold.
Theo his grandson has autism and is a LITTLE young to do anything for the family business. SORAS here he comes I think.
John Black Stefano's brother. I don't see John going bad.
Brady Black Stefano's nephew... ok now THIS I could see happening. He is a Dimera and a Kiriakis so there is bad boy in his blood.
TECHNICALLY if I am right about EJ being Johns kid then that would mean that he is also still a DiMera and could still take over

Stefano is not getting any younger, EJ was in my opinion poised to seriously take over as a very impressive replacement for the power, but they destroyed that. (I bet he is John and Hopes kid). I cant see little model boy taking over the family business since well...he is way too young and has had nothing to do with the family. not much family left in that pool!!