So my favorite character on the show (may be losing that position to her son my current favorite) was a year+ ago FINALLY getting into a mature, strong, non-blaming childish character, I was so happy.

Then BOOM with Will's storyline they make her into the childish character again. Poor me all about me how can this happen to me... UGH!!

I hope she bounces out of this really quick and takes a RESPONSIBLE MOTHER/FAMILY MEMBER role.

Allison Sweeny has been KICKING butt has a grown up Sami, I hope they bring that back. And Lucas... REALLY?? What does Lucas bring to the show? To me nothing since the teen years when he and Sami worked together to get Austin and Carrie apart. Lucas is the character, much like Jack, that no writers ever know what to do with. He'll be gone soon enough.