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Thread: 5 perform..May 2

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    Post 5 perform..May 2

    They each sang two from the 60's and one British Pop song

    1). Hollie... Loved her dress she wore for the first song..loved the colors. She did a good job on both songs I thought...better, than last weeks.

    2). Phillip... I like him, but he just doesn't stand out to me. And I usually like that type of voice...and bluesy type style. He just might be going home I think

    3). Skylar... Her first song she did just ok with it..second song, very good! She's got spunk..I like her.

    4). Jessica... The judges were critical with Proud Mary, but I thought she did well. Second song..very good! She has such a big voice..very talented!

    5). Joshua...What can I say? I love him! Very very good!

    Who's gonna be in the bottom three? This week is tougher..gonna be tougher each week. I do believe Phillip will be in the bottom. Not sure about the others..and as usual..the one going home will probably be a surprize.

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    Re: 5 perform..May 2

    Again, I have to agree with you about Phillip. He just wasn't very good last night. I thought he was very pitchy during his second song. The judges didn't pick up on that. But, after being at Idol a few years ago, what you hear live is totally different than what you hear on TV. I think if they watch it again, they'll see that.

    My pick for this whole competition is Joshua. Amazing!!!

    I love all 5 of these contestants, it will be hard to see any one of them go home. Not only is a good group musically, they are all very likable and have good personalities.

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    Re: 5 perform..May 2

    My pick for the whole thing is Joshua too Kris!


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