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Thread: April 18th Show

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    Post April 18th Show

    Two songs from each contestant, 1 current and 1 "soul" song from the past. The first round was excellent. At the end of it, I could not pick a best or a worst as they all did very well. If I absolutely had to choose, it might have been Colton. His rendition of "Bad Romance" seemed scattered to me. But, he did well anyway.

    For the second round, it made it easier to choose. Again, Colton gets my "worst" vote. Nobody should fool with reworking an Earth, Wind and Fire song in my opinion. I'm a huge EWF fan and that arrangement of "September" just didn't do it for me. The judges felt the same way.

    Hollie redeemed herself in the first round, but slipped a bit in the second round as did Elise. Okay, Elise fans you can shoot me, but there is just something about her I do not like. It's not her voice, she sings very well, but something about her personality and I just can't warm up to her. Maybe it's what Jennifer told her, that it's hard for the fans to embrace her because she shows no feelings.

    I have no idea how the results will go tonight. Joshua was stellar once again, but he has been and was in the bottom 3 last week. You just never know.

    If it were up to me to send someone home, it would be Colton based on his performances last night.

    And may I just add that Phil is just adorable... He's got the girls fan base in the bag for sure.

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    Re: April 18th Show beat me to the post. I got busy last night and forgot to post here. I did watch though however..and I feel the same as you.

    Hollie, did well with the Adele son, and Son of a Preacher man...umm, wasn't too thrilled about it.

    Colton...I'm not a big fan of his. He has a great voice..just doesn't do it for me

    Elise...I love her voice and loved her in that tangerine chiffon dress!

    Phillip...He did really well.

    Jessica...she looked very pretty tonight..always does. First song was very soulful

    Skylar...the perky little country girl. She was at the top of my list tonight.

    Joshua...Love him!!!

    My top three Joshua, Skylar and Elise and Phillip are running a close third.

    I had Hollie and Colton in my bottom three..wasn't sure about the other one..but since the results are already over..we know who were in the bottom three and who went homel


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