Luke's friendship with Anny does not jive with GH's history! Luke was friend with Robert Scorpio and Holly; Anna was not introduced to GH, yet. When Anna came to Port Charles, Luke along with Laura were out of town. Anna's major stories in the 80s were the Brownstone Mystery and her love story with Duke Lavery. Luke was not in those stories, and he was still out of town! Luke said once that he never met Duke Lavery. Robert and Anna were thought to be dead in the early 90s; Mac took over raising Robin. Luke and Laura came back to town when Robert and Anna were thought to be dead. Luke did business with Faison, not with Anna. Luke barely knows Anna! For him to let her come and live with him does not make any sense! So again, when did Luke and Anna become good pals? The writers better explain this!!! GROWLING!