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Thread: April 11...7 perform

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    Post April 11...7 perform

    Tonight they sang songs from the years 2010-2012...very current songs

    1). Skylar..our country girl...she did well..but I think last week was better. She'll have the country fans voting for her

    2). Colton...he's good, but he's just not one of my favs

    3). Jessica... soulful tonight, such a pretty girl. VERY VERY GOOD!

    4). Joshua...he has such stage presence. Loved the way he dresses so dapper...with the hot pink shirt and matching socks! He was my favorite! He got a standing O from the judges too!

    5). Hollie...Loved her dress. It was nice..but just didn't wow me.

    6). Phillip...good job..and I really liked him at first..but it's getting old for me now. Needs to pick it up a notch

    7). Elise... My third fav. tonight. She was good tonight.

    My top fav...Joshua..with Jessica a very close second..and Elise my third fav.

    who will be in the bottom three? Maybe Hollie, Phillip and not sure about the 3rd one.

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    Re: April 11...7 perform

    Jessica and Joshua own this show right now. They both had fantastic performances last night. I also loved the way Joshua was dressed. He's the whole package...great voice, great stage presence and a great dresser.

    Colton is growing on me more each week. I loved the song he sang last night, it was a great arrangement of that tune. As for Phillip, he's adorable and very likable, but I'm getting tired of his songs. They sound the same each week. It's just not my taste.

    Again, I'm going to put Hollie in the hot seat to go home. She did better last night, but compared to the rest, it was probably the weakest. As you said, Skylar will continue to get the country votes, so she'll probably be safe. It's so hard to tell who will be the bottom three though. You just never know on this show.

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    Post Re: April 11...7 perform

    I called in votes for Elise, I just like her because she's "unique". I think Hollie will be one of the bottom choices, she's cute, but very young, like she needs more "seasoning"


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