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Thread: April 4...Top 8

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    Post April 4...Top 8

    It was songs from the 80's tonight

    1)...Deandre. He did better than last week in my opinion. Good stage presenceand the girls love him. He was sexy tonight

    2)..Elise, very good...power voice. But judges were critical. I liked it though

    3)..Phillips...just okay, but better than last week

    4). Joshua... He knocked it out of the!!! Love him! And he got a standing O from all the judges

    5). Jessica... cute girl..loved her outfits. Great stage presence, works the stage..and what a voice.

    6). Hollie...Loved her dress, better than last week, but judges were critical. Still liked her

    7)/ Colton...Sang "Time after Time"..and Cindy Lauper song. Love that song. good job..just not one of my favs. Girls love him though.

    8)...Skylar...sang another one of my all time favs..."Wind beneath my Wings". Loved the dress. Still has that Reba twang to her voice. It brought tears to my eyes and also made me smile. Very touching rendition... the ending was wow!

    My top three favs were Joshua, Jessica and Skylar.

    Who will be in the bottom three? Hmmm... maybe Elise, Phillip,and Hollie...possibly, Deandre'...not sure

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    Re: April 4...Top 8

    I'm in agreement with you on all counts, DM. I loved Joshua!! Jessica came through strong once again and I just love Skylar. She may not be the best vocally, but I like her personality etc.

    I'm thinking it will be Hollie to leave tonight. That girl just hasn't had the chops she had during auditions. Bless her, but her pitch was all over the place last night. I've heard quite a few people on the radio say they think it will be Elise. Not sure on that one.


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