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    We don't have a room for The we? Do you guys watch this one? I am...but it's still not like American Idol. I think what bothers me a bit...the same with the X the judges have their "teams"...and now they have these big productions for them. But with this said..I watched tonights performances where Blake and Christina's teams sang. 6 for each.

    I won't go and talk about each one...but my favs were Jesse, Charlotte, Erin, Jordis, Lindsey and Naia. Jesse and Charlotte being my two top favs.

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    I watch but need to catch up on it. Next to Idol, this is my favorite vocal competition. I'm not crazy about the X Factor at all...sorry Simon...LOL! I'll try to catch the episode tonight or tomorrow and let you know who I'm rooting for.

    FYI...I think Blake is yummy!

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    I really enjoy "The Voice", its too bad its on opposite DWTS, so I end up watching "The Voice" on DVR. I'm enjoying The Voice more than "Idol" because it has so many different types of contestants(different ages and styles of singing), IDOL still seems to cater to the "younger set"
    The most fun on The VOice is the banter and teasing among the judges: Blake&Adam's "Bromance", Christina teasing all the guys, Ceeloo and his crazy outfits and his cat Purrfect!

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    Well...they narrowed down team Blake and Team Christina to 4's how that stands so far:

    Blakes team

    Erin..loved her



    Jordis...loved her too

    Team Christina:

    Jesse..loved him

    Lindsay...loved her too




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