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Thread: Who Is Lucas' Real Father?

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    Re: Who Is Lucas' Real Father?

    Quote Originally Posted by migsly View Post
    I read somewhere that Lucas might be Stefano's son.
    You might be right,because if you recall that many years ago when kate slept with Sefano many times he might have slipped one by the goalie.Lucas could very well be Stefano's son

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    Re: Who Is Lucas' Real Father?

    Bill Horton is suppose to be Lucas Dad.

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    Re: Who Is Lucas' Real Father?

    I guess this means that if Jennifer and Jack got divorced, that Jennifer and Lucas could hook up since they would no longer be siblings...they didn't grow up with each other...thought they were siblings for a while...found out they weren' does I guess it would mean that would be ok???

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    Re: Who Is Lucas' Real Father?

    I hadn't even thought about the DNA similarities in brothers! I'll bet that is where they are going with this eventually.

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    Re: Who Is Lucas' Real Father?

    Who knows, with DAYS Lucas' paternity could change frequently.

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    I'm just waiting for Roman to turn up as Lucas' father --- they would all be freaked out over Allie's parents being siblings, and then we'll find out that EJ is the father of Allie --- I wouldn't be surprised at any storyline of Lucas' paternity.


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