GH's audience was mostly young suburban White women (18-49). That's the
audience that soaps and GH lost over the years. This could explain why Katie
Couric is so important to ABCD: she is supposed to bring the young suburban
White women audience back to ABCD! What is GH's audience? It looks as if the
GH audience is made up older viewers, the poor as its stars aged over the years.
Since minorities are known for watching enormous amount of TV, GH's audience,
also, maybe made of minorities and people with disabilties who don't get out
that much. They depend on GH and other soaps for ENTERTAINMENT!!!

The GH fans may not remember that GH accepted federal funding from the US
Government: I am not talking about medicare or medicaid! Wink. Thus, the
Federal Government can come in and decide the fate of GH, a federal judge!
There was a case some years back that a federal judge ruled that cable and pay
TV services MUST CARRY Home Shopping Networks. The judge said under the
American with Disbilities Act, that people with disabilities are entitled to
home shopping, due to their disabilities. I think that it how it went! I noted
that, and I forgot about it over the years. I believe other civil rights laws
can be used against ABCD TOO!!!

I don't know how to file a federal lawsuit which more likely be a class action
suit. Maybe anyone can go into a federal court, and gets some forms to file
this suit! You may not need a lawyer. I told some fans that I will not do
this, because I already have been though this with other powerful entities: I
ended up with my behind kicked, and any glory that came, went to others who had
nothing to do with it!!! Growling! Plus, I am very sick now!!! It is up to
the GH fans: How far do you want to go?! Disney/ABC is a poweful company,
loved by many, all over the world! Are GH fans willing to let the show go down,
not without a fight?!!! Opinions!