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This is something I started a while back, posted elsewhere. I'm just now getting around to posting it here. I thought you guys wouldn't mind the new material to read, even if it *is* a departure from my usual.

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Title: A Map of the World
Rating: this chapter, PG. The story in general? Probably PG-R, overall.
Warning: slight language, angst, character death.
Pairing/Characters: past Sheridan/Luis, past Ethan/Gwen, hints of Theresa/Ethan, Gwen/Luis
WordCount:328? At any rate, 300+.
Summary (for chapter): He's so different from the man Gwen remembers, cold, calculating, cutting with his words.

They don't pretend to love each other.



Luis will always love Sheridan.

A part of Gwen will always pine for what could have been with Ethan, before her carefully constructed world fell apart, with his sister acting as the wrecking ball that made the first (invisible) crack appear.

No, love isn't in the equation for them, not with each other, maybe, maybe not with anyone. So when they cross paths again in sunny California, it's not exactly a meeting of long-lost friends.

Hell. They don't even pretend to like each other.

But Luis is a familiar face, and Gwen's tired of drifting along in a sea of sun-tanned bodies and plastic smiles. She sees an echo of her own pain hidden deep in his soulful dark eyes, recognizes a kindred spirit, though she knows Luis would rather kiss the polished tips of Julian's shoes before admitting to such a fact.

Sheridan's gone, her tortured soul finally at peace.

Left behind, Luis remains, his mind and body intact, but his heart (forever?) lost.

He's so different from the man Gwen remembers, cold, calculating, cutting with his words. She doesn't know why she bothers, doesn't know why she makes the effort to be kind when she knows it was never her happiness he sought to protect, only his sister's moral standing in the eyes of God and their faith. But she does. She holds out a hand to him, offers her understanding.

Unsurprisingly, Luis doesn't take it.

Gwen doesn't suffer false apologies.

Luis offers none.

They go their separate ways.

A few weeks later, Gwen reads about it, the drug bust and the Mexican cartel and the unnamed officer so instrumental in making the covert operation such a success, and she knows it's silly, his name is nowhere in the article, but she says a little prayer that he's okay, that he's safe, because she knows him (that's all).

Certainly not because she cares.

No, definitely not that.


Before all my Sheridan/Luis readers go flipping out, I just want to state that I am forever a fan of those two. They are my ultimate Passions couple no matter how the show ended, and I think the fact that the majority of my fanfics center on them attests to that.

However, I thought it'd be fun to play with the Luis and Gwen dynamic that could have existed had things happened a little differently.

This fic is probably going to monkey around a bit with the Passions timeline to suit my purposes, but I hope that doesn't put you off. I'm a fan, but I'm not a machine, lol. I don't have photographic memory, and I was often guilty of fastforwarding through parts of the show that I didn't particularly enjoy to get to the parts that I did, so my Harmony history might be a little fuzzy. Some of that will be intentional; some will not.

And just to let you guys know...the Gwen I picture in this fic is Natalie's Gwen. Even as a Sheridan/Luis fan, I always thought Galen and Natalie had an interesting chemistry. That said, this Gwen can really be either Gwen, as this story will deal with some of the storylines portrayed by Liza's Gwen as well. It's up to you guys.

Personally, I really enjoyed both Gwen's because the character and her unrealized potential captured my fancy either way.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way...

I can't wait to read what you guys think about this one.

It's not finished yet, but I will be posting more soon to tide those interested in reading more over until I get the opportunity to write more.

Feedback is so much love!

Thanks so much for reading!