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Thread: Will: Chandler Massey doing a super job

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    Wow, this young actor who is portraying Will is really rocking his scenes. I'm impressed with his scenes with everyone, he & EJ really jab back & forth. His emotional outburst to his Mother telling her that he Knew what she did was just amazing. I was mesmerized. And today his talk with Rafe was really well done. His scenes with Sonny reveal his insecurities about who he is, both young men are good in their scenes together. Will is the best part of the show right now, for me.

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    Re: Will: Chandler Massey doing a super job

    He sure is doing a great job. I agree with you, Will is the best thing about this show right now. If he doesn't get an Emmy (or at least a nomination) for his performances, I will not be happy.

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    He has been the main reason I've been watching the show for over half a year now. The clear internal turmoil, bad decisions he makes in his employment just to make his mom mad, and excellent scenes with Deidre Hall have kept me GLUED and IN LOVE with his storyline. This is the actor to put in the front burner for screen and story time in the future!! EMMY EMMY EMMY EMMY!!!


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