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I started watching last Fall when I heard OLTL was getting kicked to the
curb. Then the rumors started about GH being cancelled.. so I was thinking I might be the kiss of death to soaps. First AW, then OLTL.. so I was glad to hear GH got a 1 yr renewal. Now, I just started ( kind of) watching Days.. and that one really
has me confused.

I'm liking GenHosp a lot. There is just so much who is related to who and how that has me still figuring things out.
There are some other soap fans who don't like GH. They say it is too dark. One complained about Kate being in her bloody wedding dress. Well, that is GH! The show is a blood and guts show; it is not everyone's cup of tea. It is not supposed to be about core families like other soaps. It is supposed to be about the personal and professional lives of people working at a hospital. The core family is supposed to be the hospital staff. The show has changed over the years with new producers and writers. You probably noticed that the show is mostly about Sonny and the mob. All the stories on GH lead back to Sonny or his loyal hitman, Jason! I wish that GH go back like it was in the 60s and 70s, but I know it is not going to go back to those days!