So, Christopher Plummer is a shoo-in for an Oscar nod for this film (and probably the win). He was very good as an elderly man who "comes out" after his wife dies (and then finds out he has cancer). Ewan McGregor plays his son who is coming to terms with his dad and his own life after his dad's death (not spoilers - this is introduced in the first few minutes of the movie).

The film itself was a little too "indie" to be great, IMO, but I did enjoy it. I guess I expected it to be more about the dad/son relationship and less about McGregor's love life, but it worked more or less.

I liked Plummer, even though I wouldn't pick it as my personal favorite supporting role of the year, but I predict he'll win as a nod to his long, successful career. And that will be just fine.

I'd give this movie a B.