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    Full disclosure - I just don't get the appeal of Woody Allen. Or Owen Wilson. So I didn't really expect to like this movie. And I guess I found it just OK. I like the concept of the story (which involves love and time travel and general oddness) but Owen Wilson just didn't sell me in his role.

    But, unlike many of Allen's movies, I didn't shut it off halfway through, so I guess that's saying something. I think many people will find it charming. I'd give it a B-.

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    I Loved this movie! I'm not an Owen Wilson fan(just dont get his appeal), but he was Charming in this movie. I loved the Romance & Fantasy of this movie, it just carried me away, which is what I want a movie to do. I enjoyed early Woody Allen pics(loved Annie Hall) but had not seen one of his movies in a long time, but I really enjoyed this one.


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