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    Has anyone been watching any this season? I have been watching 13 nights of Halloween the past few days and it is really good. I was watching the Village last night and almost scared myself to death. It has been raining here the past few nights which makes for a good Halloween/scary movie night.

    Anyone else watching?

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    I live alone so I can't watch those things by myself. I'm a big chicken.

    But, the other night when some friends were over we watched those Most Haunted shows on the Travel Channel. Some of the haunted hotels really got to me.

    Carrie is still a movie we watch around Halloween.

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    Re: Halloween Movies

    I hear you on that one. I still found it pretty fun to watch the movies. I have to say I was freaked out for a while by any sound I heard but then it became really funny. I am going to watch the last movie for the 13 nights of Halloween (the Haunted Mansion) that one should not be as scary. It might be a good one for you. They are showing it tomorrow night.


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