I haven't read the book, so I can't compare the movie to that, but I was expecting to hate this movie. I knew most of the plot before seeing the film and let's just say I generally hate any kind of "gross" humor, so I was very nervous about the "terrible awful" completely ruining my enjoyment of the film. Plus I thought it would be too cliched and sappy.

BUT ... lo and behold, I really liked it. I thought the cast was great and they handled the emotional scenes very well. I laughed a lot and even teared up a few times. So far, I'd say it has made it into my top 10 movies of the year (though I have a lot more to see yet!) and I think it is a lock for a bunch of Oscar nods. I particularly loved Jessica Chastain as Celia and Viola Davis as Aibileen.

I'd give it a B+. Well worth a watch!