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Thread: herman cain

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    One of the accusers later filed another complaint against another employer

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    Re: herman cain

    funny how the pasts of the accusers are filled with things like bankruptcies and multiple accusations and such isn't it? the thing about these type of people is that they make it harder for those who really have sexual abuses happen to them. for those that support this type of action, i TRUELY hope this happens to you or someone you know well so you can experience first hand how unfair it is...SCUM...pure SCUM...

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    Here's the laughable part,

    Alex said: "Liberals are scared to death to face a black man...cant fear monger against him..can't use the usual talking points..will take a few pts away from the black community if he gets in".

    Good Lord!... have you been asleep the last few years when some in rhe conservative camp have slandered Obama as being a socialist, a nazi, non-Chrisitan and is Muslim...on and on... and to boot...

    refute the state of Hawaii's birth records that they have jacked up some bogus records saying he is a legitimate American.

    And NOW, Cain is the "black" American the converatives will stand behind and how dare anyone take issue with his past? Wow.

    Mark my words, even IF Cain is the best and the brightest of the GOP candidates... mainstream conservatives will not ultimately give him the votes needed to secure a bid as presidential candidate this next election and race may well be an issue to many.

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    Re: herman cain

    How soon they forget all of that...
    Not to mention what they did to Clinton.
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