I wonder what Ben Franklin would say about the wealthiest and most privileged few who get bailouts, tax subsidies, write offs, and what have you in such a way that they don't pay taxes. Or granting "personhood" to faceless entities (asides from thier corporate logo) whose apparent sole purpose is to store wealth indefinitely?
Did he specifically say the poor can do that or did he open that up to the possibility that the rich can do the same?

Genocide? In a word filled with 6 BILLION people going on 7?
We're not rounding people up and exterminating them. Nor are we rounding up random pregnant women and taking them to the clinics. We're giving women the choice to determine thier reproductive destiny, nothing more, nothing less.
Let's not forget who started the Iraq war.
Let's not forget who wants to start a war with Iran.

I wouldn't count your chickens before they hatch. The Republicans and thier candidates are sounding more and more foolish as time goes on. Don't think they will hold much ground against Obama if they keep this up.

At least I'm not drunk and respect women as equals.