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    Post political stunt

    so reid is calling the repubs demand to bring the American Jobs Act to the floor a "political stunt"...

    interesting as all the president has been demanding for the last few weeks is for that exact thing to happen. What is going on here?

    Repubs want to vote...Dems don't want to be on record voting for it. Why not?

    this bill is a ridiculous bill that will not do anything positive for the economy or for jobs...dems and repubs alike know that, but the president wants the total pkg, not piece meal...

    This is a POOR excuse for leadership as the inaction of the dems and the president to address real issues combines with tremendous wasteful spending is the core of today's problems. Even bush with 9/11 raised revenue and kept unemployment from skyrocketing by cutting taxes...

    Ideology over common sense and proven history...gonna be a FUN election next year as the democratic party will be decimated.

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    Re: political stunt

    dems are playing BIG TIME politics with the economy as they are looking to add a 5% tax on the RICH...(millionaires) when its really a tax not on individuals, but on small business, S-Corps or as they are commonly referred to...JOB Creators!

    Liberals are low..and they just don't get economics..


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