I have not posted on the new boards yet. I hope someone is out there!
My daughter is about to turn 1. She spends a lot of time in the car (unfortunately, but it's to grandma's for free daycare . I have not been at all pleased with her infant car seat and luckily she is ready for a new one. I have been researching them online, looking at customer reviews, checking them out at stores, etc. Does anyone have a specific car seat that they use that can be used starting at 12 mons. forward facing that converts to a booster seat (so I don't have to buy another one hopefully?). I am trying to get one for a decent price, but if I have to pay extra for one that is easier to use and more comfortable for her I will do that. I am just looking for a specific brand and model someone can point me to so I don't have to go through the hassle I've put up with for the last yr. She is about 20-21 lbs. right now. Thank you in advance!