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Thread: Looking for some old Sheridan and Luis fanfictions

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    Post Looking for some old Sheridan and Luis fanfictions

    I know this board is not exactly hopping anymore (), but I have a request, a plea for help if you will.

    I've been feeling quite a bit of nostalgia lately for the good old days when Passions fanfiction wasn't a rarity.

    I'm looking for working links to three fics in particular: This Time It's You and Me, The Truth and Nothing But the Truth, and Close.

    While I'm here, I'll ask: does anyone know if dandelion ever posted past chapter 16 of Close?

    I don't know what rock I was hiding under (actually, I do, it was called college, then nursing school, lol), but I didn't find and/or appreciate the gem that this story is until recently when I stumbled across it at I did a search on the old CR boards, and a repost of the prologue-chapter 16 was all that I could find. Is there more? If so, where can I find it?

    Thanks for any help that you might offer.

    I really hope someone sees and responds to this message.


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    Post Re: Looking for some old Sheridan and Luis fanfictions

    Hi Shae,
    I know how you feel with the Shuis fanfic. I still read the old fanfic and think about what a missed opportunity for JER/TIIC with this couple. It truly was/is a shame that fanfic writers like you and Jemb did a better job at writing for Sheridan and Luis - complete with angst - than the so-called professionals.
    Here is the link for the Shuisaddicts website that has the complete The Truth and Nothing.. archived on it. Some of the links may not work so let me know if you have any trouble because I have most of the links in my favourites somewhere. I cannot be sure but I do not believe the story Close was ever completed - much to my disappointment. Hete is the link:

    You asked if anyone was reading your stories, in particular Anna Begins and yes, I am still reading your Shuis fanfic. I am patiently waiting for a White Horses update (Hint, hint - I so love that story) - lol, but I am also totally loving Pieces of My Heart and Anna Begins, too. Have not had time to read the last chapter you posted, yet though.

    Again school and work keep me busy beyond belief but I can assure you that at least one person is reading. I should do better in posting a note to you to offer some feedback, just to encourage you to keep those creative juices flowing.

    BTW I loved the last chapter of Pieces - Luis was so sweet to Sheridan (and Emma) as she showed her/their vulnerability to him. He was finally and truly opening up to her, too when he offered her comfort and stayed with them. It is scenes like this that make the story so good and invokes such an emotional response from me. Mind you that is not to say that I don't like the R rated stuff, too .

    Anyway sorry for the long winded reply, but I have been meaning to drop you a note for a while to let you know that I do enjoy your work, especially the Shuis stories. I will admit that I am biased towards Shuis and to a much lesser extent Gwen and Hank - surprisingly. Gwank was another couple in which I felt the writers had missed a great opportunity. I never could stand Theresa or Ethan although your version of T and E was/is so much more tolerable than what we got when the show aired.
    Let me know how the link worked out and in the meantime I will try to find the other links in case you need them.

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    Post Re: Looking for some old Sheridan and Luis fanfictions


    I've been feeling very, very nostalgic lately about Passions, so much so that I looked up some old vids of Sheridan and Luis and watched them this past weekend (while it rained and rained and rained--thanks Lee, lol), and I got upset all over again about how TIIC just spit in the face of the Shuis fans. Granted, I had already quit watching Passions by then, mostly due to the fact that I did not have DirectTV, but I kept up with what was going on with my favorite characters.

    I still wonder sometimes what the hell they were thinking.

    Anyway, like I said, I've been feeling nostalgic, so I wanted to look up some of my old favorites. School and being busy with my own fics kept me from reading as much as I'd have liked to back then. I think I actually got behind on TTANBTT way back in Part 2, so most of the fic will actually be new to me. I reread Part 1 yesterday, and just fell in love with it all over again. As for This Time It's You and Me, I remember being super-addicted to that fic and devouring every new chapter as soon as JazzMusic posted it. It was sooo good. And I just recently discovered Close. Maybe that's a good thing, though. I can just imagine how disappointed I would have been (not that I'm not still disappointed) when dandelion stopped posting new chapters.

    Thanks so much for your kind words and for including me in the company of Jemb/Jane. I don't think I deserve that level of high praise, but it makes me blush giddily all the same.

    I really hear you on the school/work thing. Back when I first started posting Passions fanfic I was just a wee baby starting college (lol). I remember writing out chapters in between classes and filling up the back of my notebooks with stories about all the characters. The first time I posted one of those stories on CR, I nearly had a stroke. It's funny thinking back on it now, but then...oh man, it was a different story then. But everyone was so great and encouraging, and I think that initial positive experience has a lot to do with me still writing Passions fanfiction to this day. I just loved the boards and the potential of the characters so much and all the wonderful friends I met here (miss you guys!) that I haven't been able to make a clean break yet. Not that I actually want to yet. I love to write, whether I'm any good at it or not, and if I can fulfill at least part of the promise that all my old favorites showed in my stories, well then, that's a good thing, right?

    I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update Anna Begins. I readily admit that I have too many fanfics going on concurrently, lol, but with inspiration being fleeting, I seem to grab on to each new idea that enters my brain.


    I have so much planned for that fic, and I've worked so hard to keep the pacing right, that perhaps I took myself out of the story for a while. I dunno. I just know I'm frustrated as all heck that I haven't been able to update as regularly with that one. With any of my stories (those RL responsibilities, I tell you...).

    White Horse, oh White Horse. Nothing's felt quite right on that one lately, so I haven't tried to force the issue. Just knowing you are interested in reading more of that developing saga, though, helps get the creative juices flowing. I haven't decided where the next installment picks up, so we'll see.

    I feel a desperate need to complete something, and at the moment, my best bet is Pieces of My Heart. It's only got 4 more chapters, I believe. But darn it all if I haven't had an idea for a set of companion stories in the same universe telling the love stories of some of the other couples, though. I mean, really. I guess I can't let go of Miss Emma that easily. You know how different book series revisit characters from previous books in the series? That's what I'm thinking with the companion stories that keep demanding to be written, that I'll tell the other couples' stories, but check in on Emma and Luis and Sheridan at the same time.


    It sounds funny to say this, but I'm thrilled that the story evokes such a strong emotional response from you. It actually makes me feel proud that something I wrote elicited that kind of reaction, especially in Pieces. I've become quite attached to that story.

    I enjoy the R-rated stuff too, lol, but I'm not so sure that's my strong suit. Doesn't mean I won't be attempting it in the future. Emotional smut (careful notice of the emotional part, whether I portray it well or not, hehe) has been finding it's way into all my storylines lately. Go figure. Jeez.

    Sheridan and Luis were my ultimate favorite Passions couple, and from the amount of times they appear in my fics, I guess it's clear that Gwen and Hank (who never had too much to do with each other on the show) were a close second. Theresa and Ethan, well, we've had our ups and downs with each other. I don't like how they demonized one character to promote another, never have, never will, but looking back, I think Ethan and Theresa could have been one of those favorites of mine had they been handled differently. Then again, you could have said that about pretty much every couple on Passions with the way everything went so wrong in the end.


    And you were apologizing for being longwinded, lol.

    Thank you so much, Tracey, for your sweet, sweet words. I can't tell you how much I appreciate them. They really do encourage me to keep going (I will anyway, until the day it stops being fun visiting our old friends) or RL takes it all out of my hands.

    So far as I can tell, the links all work. I'll let you know if I discover differently.

    Keep working hard, but keep taking those breaks (those things are vital, you know).

    And keep hanging around here.

    One of these days I'm going to shock you all and finish another story.


    Until then,


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    Smile Re: Looking for some old Sheridan and Luis fanfictions

    wow, I haven't been to coffeerooms in a looo nnn ggg time.

    Passions was and always will be my fav soap, and, seriously no other soap couple can touch SHUIS. They will always rock!
    JER and his team screwed up the show sooo bad its beyond words...

    There are periods when I feel nostalgic too and the YouTube is great for those times.

    I love Shuis fan fic - and I love CLOSE! Amazingly written story, that, as far as I know, remains unfinished.
    Also love TTANBTT, and does everyone remember "You've got mail" by JSP?
    Another great fic!
    And what about Pip's "O'Shuis" stories? I only read a few, wish I had read all of them. Now I've got no idea where they can be found.

    I'm glad this board is still here...and that fans still come and post.
    I'll come check it back more often=)
    And Shae, are you the one who wrote "Angel?" - man, that was a good story - loads of chemistry and spark.


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