I enjoyed this film, as I enjoy bits of history come to life.
In terms of it's historical accuracy regarding Washington, DC at the time of Lincoln's assassination, it's very well done.
It gives the viewer an in depth look at the trial of one supposed conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
Most of us only know that John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln at Ford's Theater and then fled.
This story provides greater detail to that story.
It was not just planned as an assassination of Lincoln, but of Vice President Andrew Johnson and of Secretary Of State William Seward as well.
Booth was the only part of the conspiracy team successful.
The other thing brought to light by this film is the unconstitutional prosecution of Mary Surratt by a military tribunal instead of a jury of her peers.
The film is based on historical evidence that witnesses who testified against Mary Surratt did so under duress, as they were threatened with incarceration by the prosecution should they not.
Apparently, the powers that be in DC at the time, wanted swift retribution for the crime, whether or not they could factually prove the guilt of those accused
There are strong performances in this film by Tom Wilkenson, Robin Wright and Kevin Kline.
James McAvoy was good as well.